Bahia Grande is a shipping company, with over 30 years’ experience in ship management.

Our aim is to provide safe and reliable marine services to our clients. In order to achieve it, we work jointly with them to understand their needs and find a tailor-made solution to suit their needs.

The company was established on September 1987, and its founder, Guillermo Jacob, was a pioneer in developing the fishery in Argentina through agreements with Japanese and Taiwanese squid jigging fleets from 1992 onwards. At present, we continue with this activity through the operation of jigging vessels.

In 2008, taking advantage of our experience in ship Management, we broadened our scope and began offering offshore plaform support and tanker operations.

The incorporation in 2008 of the anchor-handler BG Tiger (with a total of 3,500 hp) marked the beginning of our role as an offshore services supplier. In 2012 this vessel was replaced by AH Paraggi (with 8.000 HP) and more recently, by Normand Commander, the most modern and versatile multipurpose supply vessel in the area.  

Parallel to this, in 2011 we began transporting fuels for YPF though a 2,000 ton bunkering tanker, UNEX III, which was replaced in 2016 by chemical tanker FILYOZ, with almost 7,000 tons deadweight. Lastly, in May 2019 we are incorporating a new tanker, BESIKTAS ZEALAND, of almost 17,000 tons, which will provide services for TRAFIGURA PTY.

Vessel Management

The pursuit of excellence in the service to our customers, is based on 3 basic pillars:

We operate under management manuals that follow the industry best practices (OCIMF, OVID) in terms of operational safety and efficiency. These procedures are continuously reviewed and updated based both on the experience gained and the recommendations of our clients; and its compliance is permanently audited by the company and by third parties.  

Our crews are the heart of the company, since they are the ones that operate the vessels under the established procedures and effectively provide the services. Therefore, we take special care in the selection (considering the desired experience and qualification required), the periodic evaluation and the training of our most precious human resource.

Ground support
Support to ships for logistical and maintenance issues is essential, as well as for security issues and improvements in management practices.  For this reason, in addition to maintaining a fluent communication, we try to be as present as possible during port calls and make periodic meetings that favour a fluid relationship between the crews and ground staff.

Tanker vessels

From 2011, we offer services of marine transportation of fuel and petroleum products.Currently, we operate under contract two modern tankers, BT FILYOZ (6,702 ton dwt) and BT BESIKTAS ZEALAND (16,351 ton dwt).

Offshore Support vessels

In order to provide a reliable and efficient service, we operate two modern support vessels (OSV) adapted to harsh climatic conditions of the South Atlantic:

Normand Commander, the most advanced ship operating in Argentina, is a multipurpose vessel (MPSV) with dynamic positioning (DP2) that has an underwater robot (ROV) with capacity to operate up to 3.000 meters, fire-fighting equipment (FiFi1), oil- recovery, a self-compensated 100 tons crane, helideck, and air and saturation dive equipment up to 12 people.

BG Warrior is a AHTS with dynamic positioning (DP1) and 10.850 HP power, and a towing capacity of 145 tons of bollard pull, as well as fire fighting equipment (FiFi1) and spill control.

Throughout these years we have been involved a variety of projects such as support for oil rigs, survey with shore approach survey with divers, bathymetric and geophysical studies, as well as towing and salvage services for a wide variety of clients such as ENAP, Boskallis Offshore BV, SMIT International, FUGRO Oceansismica, and Total Austral S. A.

Fishing Vessels

Operating continuously since 1992, we are pioneers in the squid fishing business.

Today we operate one of the best vessels in the Argentine fleet, the CHOKYU MARU 18, whose production is processed on board or ashore and exported to various markets worldwide.

Crewing & fleet support

Our goal is to provide reliable, efficient and competitive fleet support and crew services for foreign shipowners who need to undertake projects in our country.

Given our extensive experience in managing ships of different types in this ever- changing and challenging environment, we assist and give local support to several customers around the world... more as a local partner than a mere agent.

We work together with them in the search for creative solutions in logistics and operation to satisfy their needs in the safest and most economical way possible.

Productos de calamar procesados en planta

Tentáculo s/pico y s/ojo

Tentáculo procesado proveniente de buques propios,
procesado en planta donde se lo descongela,
se corta el pico y los ojo.

Aletas de calamar

Aletas provenientes de calamar capturado
por buques propios, con piel,
congelados en bloques.

Tubos de calamar

Tubos limpios procesados a partir de calamar capturado
por buques propios, sin piel, sin aletas y con distintos procesos según requerimientos del Cliente, congelados en bloques, interfoliado o en bolsas individuales.

Anillas de calamar

Anillas procesados a partir de tubo limpio producido en Planta, tiernizadas, de 11 mm de ancho y diámetro variable.
Sin escaldado. Congelado individual.
Glaseo según requerimiento del Cliente.

Tiras de aletas de calamar

Tiras de aletas de calamar congeladas,
de 11 mm de ancho, cortadas en forma automática,
en bandejas plásticas transparentes

Our Regional Partners

Christophersen (Uruguay)

Productos de pescado procesados en planta

Filete de Merluza

Filete de merluza, sin piel, sin tela, poca espina,
procesado en nuestra Planta con materia prima
proveniente de barcos artesanales
con ciclo de pesca no mayor a 2 días.

Merluza HGT

Merluza sin cabeza, sin vísceras, sin cola, sin escamas,
procesado en nuestra Planta con materia prima
proveniente de barcos artesanales
con ciclo de pesca no mayor a 2 días

Contact Us

Buenos Aires Office:
Maipu 1252 4to piso
C1006 ACT
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teléfono: +54 11 5272-0850 



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