Bahia Grande is a shipping company, with over 30 years of experience in ship operation and management, in several areas throughout its history.

Our four Business Lines are tanker, offshore supply and fishing vessel operations, and vessel support & services.

The company was established on September 1987, and its founder, Guillermo Jacob, through agreements with the former USSR trawling fleetand with Japanese and Taiwanese squid jiggers from the 90’s onwards, was a pioneer in developing the squid business in Argentina. At present,it continues with this activity through the operation of two jigging vessels. 

From 2008 on, taking advantage of its substantial experience in ship management, Bahia Grande started a diversification process that began with the incorporation of a 3,500 HP Anchor Handling Tug and Supply vessel. Since then, the company grew as an offshore services provider, incorporating in 2012 an 8,000 HP AH supply tugboat, and has provided services to ENAP Sipetrol, Boskallis Offshore BV, SMIT International and Total Austral S.A., among others. Additionally, through agreements with other technological partners, Bahia Grande has performed bathymetric mapping, seismic analysis, and integrity services, such as the one carried out in association with Fugro Italia for Sipetrol’s PIAM project in 2015. 

Aside from that, in 2011, our company became involved in the provision of bunker supply services thanks to the incorporation of a 2,000 tonsproduct tanker (in the Rio de la Plata river) for YPF S.A. Lastly, by the end of 2015, Bahia Grande incorporated a 6,000 tons chemical tanker, for a long-term contract with that company.


We operate two modern tankers, for transport of 
oil products and chemicals.

Offshore Tugs

With our two anchor-handling tugs, we provide services to the main oil companies.

This division carries out offshore oil platform support services: diving services; bathymetric, geophysical and integrity studies; towing and rescuing.

Both ships are effectively equipped to control and recover oil spills.

Fishing Vessels

We are pioneers in the squid fishing business. Nowadays, we operate two squid jiggers.

Their production is processed on board or ashore, and is exported from the Argentinean docks to markets from all over the world.

Fleet Support & Services

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and efficient maritime services to our clients.

Given our expertise in vessel management and our extensive track record in the country, we assist and provide local support for clients around the world…. More as an partner than an agent.  We work jointly with them and their local or regional clients, looking for creative solutions to satisfy their needs as fast and as economically as possible.

Productos de calamar procesados en planta

Tentáculo s/pico y s/ojo

Tentáculo procesado proveniente de buques propios,
procesado en planta donde se lo descongela,
se corta el pico y los ojo.

Aletas de calamar

Aletas provenientes de calamar capturado
por buques propios, con piel,
congelados en bloques.

Tubos de calamar

Tubos limpios procesados a partir de calamar capturado
por buques propios, sin piel, sin aletas y con distintos procesos según requerimientos del Cliente, congelados en bloques, interfoliado o en bolsas individuales.

Anillas de calamar

Anillas procesados a partir de tubo limpio producido en Planta, tiernizadas, de 11 mm de ancho y diámetro variable.
Sin escaldado. Congelado individual.
Glaseo según requerimiento del Cliente.

Tiras de aletas de calamar

Tiras de aletas de calamar congeladas,
de 11 mm de ancho, cortadas en forma automática,
en bandejas plásticas transparentes

Our Regional Partners

Productos de pescado procesados en planta

Filete de Merluza

Filete de merluza, sin piel, sin tela, poca espina,
procesado en nuestra Planta con materia prima
proveniente de barcos artesanales
con ciclo de pesca no mayor a 2 días.

Merluza HGT

Merluza sin cabeza, sin vísceras, sin cola, sin escamas,
procesado en nuestra Planta con materia prima
proveniente de barcos artesanales
con ciclo de pesca no mayor a 2 días

Contact Us

Buenos Aires Office:
Maipu 1252 4to piso
C1006 ACT
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teléfono: +54 11 5272-0850 



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